Femme du Coupe

Event Services

Interactive Events

Ideal for larger group settings, our interactive events provide clients the ability to learn how to make a cocktail as you would in our classes but in a larger, less formal setting. Learn how to shake, stir, muddle, and build a cocktail, clients walk away with recipe cards and simple tips as to how to make cocktails! Should you want to continue conversation and have the drink made for you, cocktails can be served without a second thought!

Event Services

Picture this: you’re hosting a private event, maybe a holiday party, hosting clients, a wedding, or birthday party for the ages, is the night really complete with bad sour mix and strawberry daiquiris? Probably not. We provide the perfect boozy atmosphere to break the ice, share some laughs, and enjoy the night with some great drinks. Events are customized based on your needs whether it be to partner with your caterers, or any dietary restrictions you may have.

Restaurant Consultation

Currently working with the DineAmic Restaurant Group, Revae has created seasonal menus for Siena Tavern, one of Chicago’s highest volume restaurants in the city. The cocktails for this specific venue are designed for speed, volume, and consistency. Revae has also worked with the Fifty/50 Group on previous projects and has developed recipes for weddings and various events throughout the country.