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One of my favorite cocktails this time of year happens to be a gimlet. It’s light, easy to make, and extremely tasty. The gimlet started out as gin and lime cocktail, according to The Joy of Mixology, a fabulous book by Gary Regan, the cocktail was originally called a Gimlette. Doctor Thomas D. Gimlette would give sailors lime juice to get rid of scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C, on the ship, adding alcohol (generally navy strength gin) made the citrusy, sour juice go down a bit easier. In 1953 the book A Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler made claims that the gimlet consisted of ‘half gin, half Rose’s lime, and nothing else’.

Today you can find a few different representations of this cocktail, this is now usually either concocted with vodka or gin at most bars, it just depends on what you fancy. At Sable, a cocktail bar in River North in Chicago, you have the option of fresh lime and simple or Todd Apple’s Lime Cordial. Todd is a bartender in Chicago who makes delicious cordials, from lime to lemon, grapefruit and more. To find out which you prefer just stop by and say hello to my friend Freddie Sarkis, a lovely chap who makes a fabulous cocktail and his charming quips will make you smile even more than the cocktail did.


The reason I like this cocktail so much this time of the year is the ability to make different variations of this. My favorite utilizing Wisconsin Maple Syrup instead of Simple Syrup. The maple syrup adds another level of depth to the cocktail and ends up being just a touch more complex, it’s great for fall! If you want to stick with simple syrup, adding bitters to the mix makes for a great cocktail. I like using Bittercube Blackstrap Bitters or Regan’s Orange Bitters.



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