Femme du Coupe


As we gear up for the Olympics, might as well drink as we’re English even though we’re not there. The Pimm’s Cup, a perfect refreshing summer beverage. Pimm’s No.1 which is what you typically find today, is a gin based spirit that got it’s start in England around mid 1800 and was originally used as a digestif created by James Pimm, a bar owner. There are a few different versions of the Pimm’s Cup but this just happens to be our favorite!



Start off by slicing a few slivers of english cucumber and adding them to the bottom   of the glass. Use a muddler to just press the cucumber not make a mash out of it. You just really want the flavor from the cucumber.





Second, take an orange and peel off a swath or large peel, off with a Y-peeler or a potato peeler. Take this peel and squeeze over your glass to express the oils out of the peel and then drop it into the glass.



Next, add ice to your glass and squeeze in your fresh lemon juice. You’ll want about a half an ounce, three quarters of an ounce if you prefer a bit more tart.



Now the fun really begins.

Add two ounces of your Pimm’s over ice in your glass.



Finally, finish up your drink by topping it off with Goslings Ginger Beer. Garnish your cocktail with a slice of cucumber and a mint crown.






‘Voila!! A tasty and delicious cocktail!!

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