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Celebrity…when most of us think of this word, we think of people like Kim Kardashian, woof. We’re here to remind you that you’re forgetting someone! We are in love with a totally fab femme who had power, brains, and beauty…CLEOPATRA. Today, we’re considering Cleo as the very first celeb, and one of the best.

Many would agree that Cleopatra is known for her extravagant lifestyle, but let’s get to the juicy stuff. We think it’s pretty fab that multiple historical records detail Cleo having a drink of vinegar with two pearls dissolved in it just to prove that she had the most expensive drink in the world. Supposedly the purpose was to win wager with a socialite companion. But don’t worry, she didn’t keep all the wealth to herself. It was said that during her fabulous banquets, Cleo would have baths filled with milk and red wine for guests along with dishes running into the hundreds. Not a bad night out…









Known as the “Queen of Queens,” Cleo didn’t just play the part (Ehem, Kim K), she knew what she was doing. As ruler of the Ptolemy dynasty, she was the only one who learned the native Egyptian language of the people in hopes to interact with them better. So Jackie O! Cleo was a respected leader, and all around boss lady. We’re guessing that during her tumultuous relationships with Caesar and Mark Antony, she wore the pants.


We can’t overlook one of our favorite traits about this woman, her style. Everything she wore, touched, and created is timeless. We think of metallics, jewel tones, and those perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Cleo was also known to love pearls. Any classy girl knows that pearl jewelry is ALWAYS elegant and feminine. For being born in 69BC, she was totally ahead of her time. And if you have Elizabeth Taylor playing you in a feature film, you must have done something right.









Now you can see why we have a serious girl crush on Cleopatra. She was a total girly girly girl, who just happened to rule an entire empire. The only question left is, what do you think Cleo’s fav drink was? We’re thinking over-the-top extravagant, obviously. Let us know your thoughts on this fab femme’s drink of choice!


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