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We’re so excited one of our favorite shows is coming back in March! Who doesn’t love a little Mad Men? So we’ve decided to devote our whole month of classes to Ms Joan Holloway, Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and Pete Campbell. Five different classes to choose from and three different classic cocktails to learn!!

March 1st we will honor the three martini lunch but we’re going with the Three Martini Evening. We’re talking The Martinez which is where the Martini got its start, that lovely bitter, boozy cocktail The Negroni, and The Southside, a fabulous representation of Chicago’s Southside with a touch of mint, some gin, and a little bit of lemon! Sign up here… http://femmeducoupe.com/events/three-martini-evening/

March 9th we are doting on the Cocktail with a Curve, cocktails for the Joan Harris Holloway in you. You will shake up a few cocktails, The French 75, a true womans cocktail, The Last Word because we all know the woman always gets the last word, and Femme Favorite, the St Germain Fizz! Sign up here… http://femmeducoupe.com/events/cocktails-with-a-curve-cocktails-for-the-joan-holloway-in-you/

March 15th we drink, shake, stir, and mix up cocktails Don Draper would appreciate. Don Drapers Triumvirate, we’re throwing a little James Bond in the mix with the Vesper Martini, the oh so classic Manhattan featuring Bittercube Bitters, and the Whiskey Sour. Sign up here… http://femmeducoupe.com/events/don-drapers-triumvirate/

March 22nd we will learn the essential cocktails, the classics, and all of the Femme Favorites! The Aviation, the Old Fashioned, and The Sidecar. Sign up here… http://femmeducoupe.com/events/classic-beauties-femme-favorite-cocktails/

Finally we will be finishing out the month on March 29th with The Closer. Great night caps that any Mad Men or Mad Women would love to drink. The Sazerac, bitter, boozy, anise-y, and delcious. The M Laurent, a little chocolatey, a little bit of orange, and just a touch of cognac, topped off with champagne. Last but not least the Derby Cocktail. Think a Manhattan but with Benedictine. Delish! Sign up here… http://femmeducoupe.com/events/the-closer-nightcaps-for-a-mad-man/

So bring out the inner Mad Men or Mad Woman in you this March with Femme du Coupe! All classes are $40, we look forward to Femmebibing with you!

Les Bises,


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  • Comment by revae — April 30, 2012 @ 7:47 pm

    So much fun isn’t it?! I find drinking with right along side of them is just as much fun!

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