Welcome to Femme du Coupe

There is something uniquely alluring about being served by a woman behind a bar. A soft frame and glowing smile when juxtaposed with cool confidence is a heady mix. It’s wholly intoxicating. As she deftly navigates her way around the bar, she measures, mixes, muddles, stirs and shakes but turn around and she is gone, like you never even knew she was there.

Femme du Coupe is a Chicago based bar-styling company that is centered around making cocktails and the art of mixology accessible anywhere, bringing to life styled bar concepts in restaurants, bars, event spaces, weddings, and homes.

Femme du Coupe Revealed from Femme du Coupe on Vimeo.


Old Fashioned For Your Ol’ Man

Father’s Day is not complete with out a nice, cold drink with your father. Our go to drink for this Father’s Day is an American classic, an Old Fashioned cocktail.  An Old Fashioned is the perfect cocktail you and your...

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Luscious Libation No.2

Luscious Libations No.2: Winter Harp

To start your weekend off nice and tipsy we are featuring a cocktail that will make any palette whistle. This eloquent mix of Grey Goose, Le Sirop Winter Spice, Angostura bitters, and fresh citrus is perfect for nights by the fire....

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Fall is Upon Us

Fall is Upon Us!

It’s that time… Soon we’ll be trading out our beach towels and sunnies for scarves and closed-toe shoes. As sad as we are, we’ve prepared a little something that makes the fall season a tiny bit easier to adjust to....

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